6 Great Apps for All Your Rowing Needs


There are so many different apps available today that there seems to be one for your every want and need. I saw an app the other day that tells you whether or not it’s Christmas day, 364 times a year it just says no it is not Christmas. With all these crazy apps out there you would think that there must be some useful rowing ones. Well it just so happens that there is, and we have collected some of them for you to check out. Some cost, most are free and all are worth checking out.


Coxing Expert UK or USACoxing Expert

This handy app contains a glossary of rowing terms. It is ideal for someone getting into the sport of rowing or a coach trying to teach rowing lingo to beginners. There is a UK and American version each with its own terminology. It costs $2.99 for the American or £1.99 for the UK version.


Rowing SPM for stroke rates.Roeing SPM

If all you want is a simple, free, strokes per minute counter then look no further than Rowing SMP because that is exactly what it is. Simply tap the ‘Stroke’ button and the app will calculate the current stroke rate and also the average stroke rate for the last 5 and 10 strokes. This app is currently only on the Apple store so is only available for the iPhone and iPad, and iPod touch.

Rowing CalculatorRowing Calculator

uses Paul’s Law to allow you to easily calculate one of the three values of yur distance, time or average split by entering in the other two. The cool thing about this app is that it allows you to view world records and compare your scores against the best.


BoatCoach BoatCoach is a handy app for tracking your erg training. It displays stroke rate, distance, stroke count speed, time, calories and even heart rate. BoatCoach also has built in graphs and a logbook to store all your workouts. BoatCoach is an android only app and best of all it is free.


Rowing in Motion Rowing in Motion is a measurement and performance analysis system for both rowers and coaches. It tracks real time speed, acceleration and stroke-rate data directly on your smartphone or tablet. It is free when subscribed to the Rowing in Motion Analytics online service.

Talos Rowing is another rowing analysis app available only on AndroiTalos Rowingd. Pair it with a waterproof case and take it on the water in your next outing. Measuring all the stats you need such as stroke rate, speed, distance, split time and has real time analysis graphs, it can also record your rowing session. As an added bonus it is also free.

Give some of these apps some attention and hopefully they will help improve your rowing (or at least provide a chance to challenge your friends). We are alwas on the lookout for great new rowing apps so If you have found any that we haven’t got here then please share them with us.


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  1. Giusseppe

    For an all round app that provides masses of feedback to rower and coach, check out CrewNerd. You can even add start and finish points of head races so that it will start and stop recording automatically as you pass the lines. It also records your tracks….great for finding the best route on a river in preparation for head races and seeing where you lost time.
    It will also work with your heart rate monitor.

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