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Vlad Timinski (CAN) 1k race video

This is his first 2k race of the year – it’s clearly cold and so I wouldn’t expect … read more

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This is his first 2k race of the year – it’s clearly cold and so I wouldn’t expect fast times.  I think he did about 7.37.

What’s interesting is his breathing – you can hear him inhale at the catch and exhale at the finish.  This implies that he inhales again during the recovery.  Is doing two breaths per stroke ‘normal’?  What do you do in training?

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3 thoughts on “Vlad Timinski (CAN) 1k race video

  1. Nice job Vlad. JP just delivered my new Fluid Elite. Is the one you are rowing a super lightweight or Mid-weight. I noticed that you have your shoes all the way forward. Is your rigger all the way to the stern as well. Thanks Dan LeBlanc

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