Wind Apps to forecast rowing weather

Wind Compass app screenshots

The Masters Rowing International Facebook Group had a great discussion on which are the best wind apps to forecast rowing weather.

Wind Compass app screenshots
Wind Compass app screenshots
  • WindCompass is a super simple app that shows windspeed, gusts, wind direction, hourly & daily weather forecast (temp, chance of precipitation) and sunrise/set.
  • Hi-Def Radar
  • MyRadar
  • WindFinder is my personal favourite – it also has an app version.  it shows gust strength as well as wind speed which is pretty important for us rowers.  It shows a 7 day forecast in timeslots every 3 hours.
    WindFinder App
    WindFinder App
  • LighteningCast (can’t find the domain link)
  • WindGuru

Similar apps to Lightningcast for accurate weather Android

The group also had a great discussion about how much wind we could / should row in.

The best advice was this

I go by wave height, not wind, but 6 inches is horrible to row in, so, in a single, I won’t row over 4-5 inches.

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