Tokio 2020 Olympic regatta course


The 2020 Olympic regatta course is ready to host Olympic Athletes. The Sea Forest Waterway and its Salt Water Canal will be a challenge for boats and material.

Our Olympic rowing venue is located in Tokyo Bay and is ready to go. Still a few months away, much to the delight of Sydney Olympics gold medallist and current International Rowing Federation president Jean-Christophe Rolland.

The course, which is 2,300 metres long, sits next to a former landfill site, which has been turned into a forest in time for the Games.

Built by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the venue will have seating for 2,000 that can be increased to 16,000 for the Olympics and Paralympics. The rowing site has been free of water-quality issues.

On a sunny but blustery day, the conversation revolved around the possibility of wind affecting race conditions on a course with very little natural protection from the elements.

Where is the 2020 Olympic regatta course in Tokio?

Olympic rowing course. Credit google maps

Our Olympic rowing venue is located in Tokyo Bay, just a few minutes from Down Town Tokio. The rowing site offers a panoramic view of the city — and Mount Fuji on a clear day — and was built behind dams and water gates to protect from waves and tides.

The course is between two island, being built in the 1970ies. These two island were uses as a base to reclaim land for the expanding population of Tokyo. Their major use at that time was as landfill areas. The two islands are separated by a 2.3 k canal. Our rowing track.

Olympic 2020 Regatta Course in Tokio – Some facts:

Newly constructed venue for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

  • The West and East Dam separate the rowing course from the Tokyo Bay.
  • The Water gates on the east and west side of the course will allow the water level to remain the same throughout the entire period of the 2019 World Rowing Junior Championships.
  • Depth of the water is about 6m
  • 8 lane – 12.5m wide
  • An asphalt road is located all the way along the north bank of the course
  • Total length of the water is 2335m
  • Total width of the course is 198m
  • 4 pontoons

Regatta course Tokio 2020, Credit


FISA president Rollande commented: “Of course the wind, if it is too strong, might be an issue but this is the fourth time I have come here to Tokyo and this is the first time I have seen it so strong,”“On an eight day program I hope we will find time easily where the wind is not too strong and that we can have a good competition.” Participants at the Junior Champs found the conditions fair.


The channel is structurally separated by a pumping system of the bay of Tokyo, so no tidal influence. The water depth is about 6 m.

Regatta Centre:

On the north shore a regatta center was built at the eastern end on the inner island. The finish area of ​​the course is at the eastern end of the canal near the regatta center. 4 pontoons help the rowers to launch their boats.

Salt Water

Why not something different. The channel contains salt water. For lake and river rowers a strange thing. Corrosion and rust develop very quickly.  More Info?


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