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Dyneema Calf Skin protection: So popular

Announcing our Rowperfect Dyneema Calf Skin protection Dyneema Calf Skin Protection for rowing …  is necessary when the … read more

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Announcing our Rowperfect Dyneema Calf Skin protection

Dyneema Calf Skin Protection for rowing …  is necessary when the boat comes into contact with delicate skin! We have been searching for quiet some time to find out about the right material for calf skin protection:

When you check the market, you might find calf skin protection made in PU – Neoprene, a combination of cotton calf skins with attached carbon pads. All work for a certain period of time. Some protect some are just for compression

We know, elastomers and neoprene might not be the optimum material for protection. Still they are nice to wear, but seat rail or boats parts can lead to material cracks. Nylon or cotton / carbon and aramid protectors are better suited for us rowers and have longer life expectancy.

Rowperfect announces the new generation of calf skins. Build in skin protection. 360degrees.

50% test discount: Rowperfect Dyneema Calf Skin protection

New Development: Rowperfect Dyneema Calf protection

Test the calf skins and get 50% off.

Get your RP calf skins at a 50% Test discount. Retail price will be 14.99 £. Your test price will be 7.49/pair. Shop here

About our Materials:

Dyneema® is the strongest fiber in the world and is more than 10 times stronger than steel per unit of weight. This means that ropes have a slightly higher strength than steel wire at the same dimension while being 7 to 10 times lighter in weight.

A fiber made of Dyneema® fibers can be used for several purposes such as Maritime Applications, Commercial Fishing, Aquaculture, Wind, Defence, Deep Sea Operations etc. The most popular application are Anti Cut Butcher Gloves.

Our Rowperfect Dyneema calf skin protection have levelled up, with our highest grade of EN 388 cut resistance protection: We have made them somewhat softer as a butcher glove to apply a comfortable fit. Our Anti Cut Level 4 to 5  is far better than any other Calf Skin protection.

Like Butcher Gloves: Anti Cut Level 4-5

With excellent abrasion and tear resistance, they are an all-round performer that is perfect for your skin protection. Seat rails and seat decks can cause serious cuts on your calf if not adjusted out of the way, especially if you do long daily rowing outings.  Nobody wants extra pain and open wounds from a rowing boat.  And both can be prevented by using calf protectors.

  • Suitable for racing rowing and sculling.
  • As well as for recreational and tour rowers.
  • Some users tell us that Calf Skins provide support to their calf muscle
  • And that promotes better blood circulation and improved performance.
  • One size fits all
  • Strongest calf protectors available
  • Made of Dyneema anti cut fibers

Find out about our other models of calf skin protection


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