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Tips to buy the perfect rowing machine

Rowing is one of the best exercises that can keep you fit and healthy. Are you aware that … read more

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Rowing is one of the best exercises that can keep you fit and healthy. Are you aware that with a single rowing stroke, you are making as many as 9 major muscle group of your body work?   Perhaps, there isn’t a better way to work out indoors than opting for an exercise regimen that includes rowing as one of the major exercises.

However, investing in one such rowing machine can be challenging. In this write up, let us find out how you can zero-in on the right one, one that is perfect for your body type and fitness goals. So read on for better insight.

Best rowing machine options

In order that you derive the best results from your fitness sessions, it is important that you select the one that will meet your requirements. You can choose from among the following good quality machines-

  • Air rowing machines

This is the type of machine that is used in a commercial set up. The main feature of the machine is that it has got resistance blades that are attached to a fly-wheel-like windmill, which causes the much needed “drag” to develop while exercising. Be ready to spend £850 plus. Faster you row, greater the resistance that is created.

  • Magnetic rowing machines (programmable)

Popularly known as the ‘basic’ type of rowing machine, you can invest in this if you do not want to strain your wallet. Expect to shell out anything between £200 and £350. The type of resistance developed is same as that created by an exercise bike.

  • Air rowing machines (programmable)

Also referred to as “Mag-Air”, they are a combination of both that work on air resistance and magnetic resistance. These are machines are affordable and expect to shell out between £350 and £850.

  • Water rowing machines

If you have one of this at your disposal, you will get the true feeling of rowing in water. However, not everyone is able to afford this type of rowing machine because you have to spend as much as £1000 plus. But that should not deter you from owning one because you can always avail the short term loans or cash advances. Even if you have a bad credit history, opt for the bad credit payday loans direct lenders only. Remember, to get it from direct lenders only. This will allow you to enjoy better terms on your loan.

Rowing machines to avoid

For the sake of your health, it does not really matter if you have to shell out little more especially when you have the option to opt for a loan. Not all rowing machines are worth investing in. The ones that you can avoid include elastic cord resistance system rowing machines or the ones that are known as hydraulic rowers.

Cost of rowing machines

These machines start from as little as £65 but you have to compromise with the quality of workout. But if you are ready to spend around £450 plus, you can be assured of getting a good rowing machine.

What are your best options?

Given below are names of the best rowing machines available in the market. Check them out-

  • Concept 2 Model D

Cost – £860 (It is best to verify the cost prior to investing as price change is at the discretion of the vendor)

Features – Model D is just perfect match for the much needed fitness sessions at home.

  • JLL R200

Cost – £164 (It is best to verify the cost prior to investing as price change is at the discretion of the vendor)

Features –If you think that the budget of Concept 2 is beyond your reach, you can opt for this model. Basic model and perfect for beginners and for the ones that cannot afford Concept 2 or other models that are expensive.


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