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Bucket List for Rowers: Great Rowing Events

The Bucket List was a great movie – but how would you apply it to rowing? Here is our Bucket List for Rowers We’ve got several categories: Apply your bucket list for rowers  Tourism – fun regattas to watch Exercise – fun regattas to participate in Beauty – awesome locations worth visiting whether there’s a […]

How different is coastal rowing technique?

How Different, Exactly, is Coastal Rowing asks Ruth Marr from Rowing the World. Volker from Rowing in Europe has added some important additional information. You are a flatwater rower intrigued by coastal rowing. What is this mountain biking of rowing or the “wildwater” rowing? The first time you feel your coastal boat surfing a wave, […]

Rowing pace charts

Rowing training zones chart

I am reading Jack Daniels Running formula at the moment and I’m very a fan of this training philosophy for endurance work. Do you now if there are comperable tables for rowing, corresponding racepace at different distances and corresponding training Intensities for I-pace, M-pace, E-pace a.s.o?? (Referring to Daniels’ VDOT-tables) Here is an answer: We are […]