Rowperfect Oar Carrier – a new kid on the dock

All dates back to my experience at the WRC in Linz.

I saw the big mess of oars. At the dock, at the boats, in dirty grass. They were everywhere. The only exceptions: The Aussies. They had it organized perfectly: with  oar carriers. They were standing in the boat house, properly stored and loaded with oars for their eight.

Oargo Fun- How to carry the oars properly

Did you never wonder why oar carrying was so difficult? Maybe not for you. But it is for me when I carry more than 2 oars. They are always unbalanced . So I was checking this thing  out. And I found it.  The Rowperfect Oar Carrier “Oargo” as I have seen it in Austria. Invented by a world class rower: Brooke Donoghue. It is a great product for most of us rowing in crew boats.

​How does the Rowperfect Oar carrier “OarGo work?

Each Oargo can carry four sweep oars or two pairs of sculls so that they are balanced for carrying and protected when being moved. So a single coxswain can carry all 8 oars for a quad or eight. Flat packs for easy transportation and storage. To use the OarGo you simply put 4 sweep or 4 scull oars in the slots and pick it up carrying the OarGo by your side. It is designed to be used when moving oars to and from the pontoon and for storage off the ground.

Looks good

This reduces the chance or oars being damaged whilst carrying them and also makes them easier to carry – we all know how hard and awkward it can be!

Oars cost thousands of dollars so we see this as a cost effective way to protect your oars and increase their lifespan – and save you money in the long run. Check out the product in the shop

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