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Red Sea Coastal Rowing challenge.

We have mentioned it on this forum a few weeks ago: The Red Sea Coastal Rowing challenge. There … read more

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We have mentioned it on this forum a few weeks ago:

The Red Sea Coastal Rowing challenge.

There was some great interest in this tour and we would like to give you more insight information:

The Red Sea Costal Rowing challenge has two possibilities:

rowing safe in coxed CO 4X+

The first possibility is a 5 day rowing journey which is a 7 day total trip. This trip costs you 2850 Euro/Person for 7 days and 6 Nights.  Second, our 7 day rowing journey which will be a 10 day total trip. These are 10 days and 9 nights for 3250 Euro/Person. The tour is designed for 25 rowers max. We will be rowing in coxed quads Co 4X+.

Off course we are planning a program for non rowers. If your partner wants to join the red sea coastal rowing challenge and does not row, we have an on-land program ready. Rowers and non rowers start their daily program after breakfast and meet up again during lunch or afternoon at the hotel.

Partner program

great local accommodation

Partners and rowers will definitely enjoy the trip: We will be rowing down wind, and riding the southern heading swell. The route will take rowers along some crystal clear blue waters, lagoons and colorful coral reefs, waiting to be explored. Marine life in the Red Sea is known to be some of the best in the world, feast your eyes on some of the most spectacular marine creatures ever, try snorkeling or even and intro drive.

With pampered accommodations variety to write home about, we are planning this one in a life time coastal rowing challenge as a mile stone for many exciting challenges to come.  Try out the Gabbana (Ancient Traditional Coffee) where the local Ababda Tribe have learnt how to make it, from generations that have passed. Check out the desert flaura and fauna or the Egyptian eastern desert, not to mention the interwoven Pharaonic, Greek Roman as well more recent times historic sites and ruins. You will love it.

beautiful lunch places

Here is an example of the Red Sea Coastal Challenge (Details might change due to group size

E.g. 5 Days Red Sea Coastal Rowing Challenge(7 Days Total)

  • Day 1: Arrival to Hurghada Airport – Transfer to Hotel
  • Day 2: Start: Port Ghalib – Lunch, – Marsa Shoni – Paradise Club Shoni
  • Day 3: Tommy Friedl Kite Bay – Lunch,- Oriental Bay (Right After Brayka Bay)
  • Day 4: Start: Moon Resort – Lunch, – Samadai Bay -Nakari Camp & Bay
  • Day 5: Nakari Camp & Bay – Lunch, – Sharm El Faqeera Bay
  • Day 6: Sharm El Faqeera Bay – Lunch, – Sharm El Luli Bay
  • Day 7: Departure flights

Would you like further information? Please send an email with your questions and your request. Interested at the daily schedule? Send your request to 

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Tom Wall ist passionierter Masters Ruderer und hat seit einiger Zeit seine Liebe für Wanderfahrten entdeckt Tom is a passionate masters rowers and the owner of the Rowperfect Faster Masters Brand View all posts from Tom Wall

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