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Going on rowing camp is an experience which many never get – today we are with two expert coaches from the famous Craftsbury Sculling Center in Vermont USA, Marlene Royle and Troy Howell.  Together they talk us through the opportunities a technique small boats camp can offer for accelerated learning.

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Timestamps to the interview

01:00 Introduction and background in rowing

03:00 Why go on camp?  Does this make the boat go better?

07:00 A day at camp

10:00 How to provide technical focus

12:00 Advantages of small boats for learning

15:00 Coaching language and the challenge of moving from coaching beginners to advanced athletes

17:00 How to get new coaches joining your team “playing in the same sandbox”

21.00 the cardinal sin of coaching in a group setting

26:00 What’s it like coming on camp?  How to book

34:00 The purpose of camp for youth

36:00 Training camp workout structure

39:00 If you’re constantly focused on racing, you’re missing half the sport

40:00 Favourite drills are comfort in the boat, thinking in the direction of the boat, letting go of the oar handle

49:00 How to accelerate your learning – video review

53:00 Drill work that you integrate into sculling taking notes,

56:00 Lido for Time 

Watch RowingChat with Craftsbury Sculling Center on YouTube


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