Mirrors improve your technique on the Ergo!

Decent Rowing is a leading website for Rowing Technique Videos and have recently published this great little clip.  Please send the link round to your club coaching team.

Improve your rowing technique

One of the most useful tool athletes and coaches have for education is the ergo. It is stable and convenient and much easier to educate with than in the boat. When training on an ergo it is important to maintain your technique. Decent Rowing demonstrates how to use two mirrors to show the athlete their technique and assist athletes in improving even when the coach is away. If you can arrange two mirrors placed at an angle and use the ergo on sliders then it is of even more use.

How to use your Ergo to improve your technique.
Use the Ergo to improve your technique.

You can find other videos regarding training on your ergo on the Decent Rowing website.

 If you like to get more…

If you want help with your ergo, remember to look in the Rowperfect archive. We have written a lot about how you can improve your technique while using your ergo.

If you like to get some further tips and advice regarding your ergo or rowing technique, take a look in our shop and get the best advice from our online and remote coaches.


Decent Rowing provide you with videos on how you can become a better rower. You can enjoy their videos on their Website.  Facebook and Youtube channel. 




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