Athletes training in Sarasota for shot at 2016 Rio Paralympics


The Olympic selection opportunity is hotting up and we spotted this news story about US athletes in training for 2016 selection.

Jacqui Kapinowski is one of the athletes, her disease causes rigidity of the spine and neck,

Hyndsight CRUZ mounted in Single Scull Hyndsight CRUZ mounted in Single Scull

and she can’t turn around to see without severe spasms.  She is the odds-on favourite for her category for Rio. Jacqui has been training using the Hyndsight Vision in-boat camera for her training because her disability impedes her rotational movement and turning round for steering is just too challenging.  Jacqui LOVED the Hyndsight system.

Blake Haxton is the same division, men’s category. He’s still young and has full ability to turn and see so he didn’t use Hyndsight, but liked the idea.

Everyone from camp got a chance to check out Hyndsight, although not everyone got to use one in the boat. It was all positive responses, and some really good feedback.

Do you know any Para Rowers?

Or clubs who have a Para Rowing section and who’d like to test out the Hyndsight system?  Forward this article to them to read.

Get in touch and we can arrange for a demo loan unit to be send to you for 2 weeks.  The only cost to you is

a)postage to ship it back to us

b)your time writing some feedback so we know how the trial went.

Contact Rowperfect UK for more information.

Hyndsight Cruz monitor mount Hyndsight Cruz monitor mount


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