Masters rowers – want to get faster?

Announcing Faster Masters the Rowing Coaching membership service for masters rowers and scullers developed with expert faster-masters-logocoach Marlene Royle..

It is called Faster Masters and will launch to the public on 1 October 2016.

What is Faster Masters?

The programme is 7 “lessons” each comprising a video and transcript plus some additional guides written as pdf ebooks.

Faster Masters is designed for the mature athlete who may not have a club rowing coach, who may train alone, who may be keen to progress at their own pace and want some additional instruction.

Testimonials for Faster Masters

What I like so far that I don’t presently get from the club coach, is a complete understanding or philosophy of how’s & why’s of a particular technique. This is something I can listen to a number of times, envision & apply. I’m looking forward to completing the entire series. La Vern Richards

I started watching the first video, it makes a lot of sense.  So far, looks good!  I like the interactivity. Stefan Paetow

Tell me more…

We have a video from Marlene explaining the principles of the Faster Masters programme, and a detailed summary of each of the episodes and what you’ll get from joining in.

Read about Faster Masters and register your email to receive notification when we launch.

On that page, we also re-publish our RowingChat interview with Marlene – which you can watch now free of charge.  This will show you the amazing insight you will get from an expert coach like Marlene.

2 thoughts on “Masters rowers – want to get faster?

    • Jeremy Peskey says:

      Thanks Noel!

      We’re really proud of what we have produced and hope you enjoy it!

      If you have any questions about Faster Masters, feel free to email:, or send us a message on Facebook/Twitter.

      We welcome your feedback too!


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