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Join Faster Masters Rowing

Are You Ready To Become A Faster Master?

A community of exclusive content, engaging discussion and invaluable information awaits you inside…

What you can expect as a Faster Master:

  • An Exclusive range of expert training advice, freshly developed just for you!
  • The most comprehensive network of resources, advice, discussion and community for masters rowers on the web!
  • Video and written content to suit whatever medium you prefer in your pursuit of becoming a Faster Master.
  • A supportive Facebook community of fellow rowers, where you can ask, share and engage with each other’s stories [Masters Rowing International].
  • It’s never too late to get better! We will continue to roll out and deliver new content to keep you pushing yourself.  Sign up form is below.
  • Exclusive deals and specials on existing products in the Rowperfect Shop.

The complete series is broken down into the following 7 lessons:

Episode Breakdown of Faster Masters rowing membership programme

  1. Review of Technique
  2. Adapting Technique: Making Technical Gains with Physical Compromises
  3. Drills for Improving Bladework
  4. Drills and Exercises for Developing Stroke Power
  5. Drills and Exercises for Developing Racing Starts and Speedwork
  6. 1k Race planning
  7. Role of testing and trials

What Others Have To Say…

“What I like so far that I don’t presently get from the club coach, is a complete understanding or philosophy of how’s why’s of a particular technique. This is something I can listen to a number of times, envision apply. I’m looking forward to completing the entire series.”

La Vern Richards

“I started watching the first video, it makes a lot of sense. So far, looks good! I like the interactivity.”

Stefan Paetow

Become A Faster Master Gold Member

Who is Marlene Royle?

Marlene Royle was among the first coaches dedicated to masters rowing.

In 1999, Marlene founded RoyleRow Performance Training Programs to individually train rowers designing workouts and communicating via email. was the first online coaching service for rowing. Shortly thereafter, her athletes started reaching the podiums of major regattas. Marlene’s coaching has produced numerous world masters champions, masters national champions, Head of the Charles winners, and personal bests.

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