Beryl Crockford Obituary

The Guardian has published Beryl Crockford’s obituary.

My comment on that piece:

Beryl’s generosity always set out to create permanent, long-lasting change. She didn’t seek the limelight for herself and was most keen to pass on her knowledge and enable others to succeed.

At LEH she set up a system so that the oldest girls were all involved in helping the new joiners in their first rowing lessons. This enabled first-name familiarity across the club, unique among British Rowing Schools. She also mandated the top crew learn how to teach weight lifting and got a qualification – so they could work anywhere in the world after school. Great foresight.

I interviewed her on Rowperfect UK for her views about the “Great Eight” composite crew of international scullers and her reply was “Great idea!!! Looking forward to hearing more news about it. Wished it had happened in my day – but that’s progress. Keep those ideas rolling.”

The rowing world mourns.

Rebecca Caroe



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