Clean equipment is happy equipment

Broken Boat

“Clean equipment is happy equipment”.

As much as I hate to admit it, my parents were right all those years ago when they continually nagged me to clean my bike and the same applies to rowing equipment. Rinsing and wiping down the hull and slide tracks after every row and a soapy water wash once a week will keep away all the grime and grit that eats into your gear. Oar handles should also be disinfected on a regular basis. Take that warm soapy water and add a splash of disinfectant. Bursting blisters, blood and sweat work their way into the handle (wood, plastic or rubber) and reduce its performance as a surface for you to hold onto. During the racing season you can also wax your hull. This will help defend your boat against pollution and ultra violet rays. For this you can use any good quality car or boat wax. And if you have scratches in the paintwork, a little t-cut metal polish is a good way to remove superficial scratches, especially if you are planning on selling your boat.

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