Kicking off the new rowing season

Things to think about when starting a new rowing season…. it’s back to school, back to work and back to rowing.Rowing season, new rowing year

  1. Start training 3 times a week to build your base fitness. Running and steady state rowing in small boats is a good way to begin.
  2. Check the rig on your boats – here’s a helpful blog post at SSRS with links to a cheat sheet for rowing boat rigging .[Sadly the destination link is broken on Cox Guide]
  3. Buy an indelible marker and re-label things – oar lengths (use white electrical tape around the shaft and write the length:inboard), seats (name of boat and seat number), label the racks so the correct boat goes on the correct rack.
  4. Throw out your old rowing kit that’s torn or you won’t wear.  Find a junior to give it to or rip it up for boat cleaning rags.
  5. Club Captains, read this post about pre-season jobs for the whole club to clean out the boat bays and tidy up the equipment with an inventory and overhaul of repairs.
  6. Buy a copy of Mike Davenport’s Get Ready Now e book.  Everything you’ll ever need to know including great advice on equipment maintenance.

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