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Keep your crew together with the training diary

If you keep a training diary but wonder how your crew is doing with their training, here’s a … read more

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Usain Bolt Would Be Proud

If you keep a training diary but wonder how your crew is doing with their training, here’s a great new tool from the team at Sportlyser.

Designed to enable whole crews or squads to collectively track planned against actual training, it’s a great way to keep everyone enthused towards your training goal.

Sportlyser allows training planning

Sportlyser allows training planning

Features include:

  • training planning
  • athlete profiles
  • attendance tracking
  • workout logs
  • email group lists

If you are the coach and get frustrated by your athletes’ shortcomings in the training diary department, I particularly like their description of Puppet Athletes.  I’d prefer to call them Muppet Athletes!
Puppet-athlete functionality makes it possible to track progress of athletes who are not disciplined enough to log their training sessions. This unique program component allows tracking athletes’ performance as the coach or staff marks attendance for group practice sessions. Instead of performance data based on the usual 10 percent minority of team members disciplined enough to complete their individual practice logs, the metrics can now reflect performance of all team members.
Best of all, Sportlyser is free to register and use as an athlete.

Any users out there who want to write a review for us?

One thought on “Keep your crew together with the training diary

  1. I wrote a review/overview of Sportlyzer on my blog here

    In summary I thought that it would be a really useful tool for Junior/casual rowing squads especially as I think the social features would keep them engaged, and it would allow the coahces to keep them up to date with workouts that are coming up and also track workouts that are missed.

    For senior/elite squads I suggested that the system could do with adding a few more rowing specific fields, like the 500m split that you pull during the outing, and maybe even other fields like Watts or Joules/stroke, and more details on weight training (i.e break down the specific weights exercises done and the weight lifted) but the owners of Sportlyzer are very open to comments and I think they plan to add these fields in the near future so I think it would develop well into

    I know that a few rowers have already started to use some online training diarys (trainingpeaks) but one thing to note is that Sportlyzer allows you to sync with sites like sportlyzer/garmin and automatically update itself, so really you could contine on in your current training diary, but with the syncing you would be able to use Sportlyzers more “rowing specific” features

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