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Tim McLaren on RowingChat
Tim McLaren on RowingChat

Rowperfect helps coaches, athletes and club administrators improve enjoyment of rowing.

Today we’re launching Rowing Chat – an online seminar series in which top coaches answer your questions.

Rowing Chat is the online webinar where you learn from top coaches about how to handle your challenges on the water and in the boathouse.

Our 2013 rowing survey told us that lots of people want expert advice to help them overcome personal challenges, improve the way they run their rowing club and get more from the sport.

Rowing chat is your opportunity to get the answers you need from some of the most experienced people in Rowing.

All the details about the first Rowing Chat event on 26th February 2013 are on the Rowing Chat page (top navigation menu bar above the logo).

Our first guest is Tim McLaren who has an outstanding record as a coach winning 5 Olympic medals over 4 Games.  He’s the head rowing coach of the New South Wales Sports Institute in Australia and was the US Rowing Head Coach for the last Olympiad winning a Bronze with M4- at London.

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