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Does Alexander Technique help rowing?

Jonathan Drake, author of the ebook Rowing from a Holistic Perspective was interviewed on a podcast called Body … read more

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Jonathan Drake, author of the ebook Rowing from a Holistic Perspective was interviewed on a podcast called Body Learning.

Rowing Technique from a Holistic Perspective
Rowing Technique from a Holistic Perspective

In the 25 minute podcast he focuses on rowing from a wider perspective in relation to the Alexander Technique 

Does Alexander Technique help rowing?

Have a listen to How the Alexander Technique can help you take advantage of the fitness benefits of rowing or using a rowing machine with host Robert Rickover

Alexander technique is a self-help technique which you can apply to any activity – how to apply yourself to anything you do.  An easier, free-er way of moving.  The most important thing that happens in an Alexander lesson is changing consciousness and understanding in how you can use it in your life.

The rowing machine is one of the last used and most abused pieces in the gym – yet it has the greatest potential to improve all aspects of fitness.  It works cardiovascular, flexibility, muscle tone, core strength and stability.  It needs to be used well.

It’s an opportunity to improve co-ordination.

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One thought on “Does Alexander Technique help rowing?

  1. Hello Rebecca, I really enjoyed listening to this interview regarding the benefits of the Alexander technique. It reminded me of my own journey thru this wonder-ful sport.

    I had achieved some pretty ‘okay’ results thrashing my way up and down the river. Then one day a coach made a disparaging remark when I asked for some help ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! ‘

    That was the beginning of an awakening for me. Two incidents that will always stick with me were… He stopped me during an intense piece on the water and sitting in the stillness of the moment gently scoped up some water in his hand and allowed it to run back into the river while looking at me and saying ‘what has this water done to deserve your wrath?’ There is no need to attack it, and from that day on I learned how to work with it.

    The other point which seems to make an instant improvement in rthym and boat speed is when I remind myself (and crew) that we are NOT pushing water backward but levering the boat past the point where the spoon holds onto the water.

    The point made about active sitting and lengthening the sacrum from the rock over at the back makes perfect sense and sets the body in a naturally strong posture.

    Really appreciate all the wonderful article you post to the benefit of those who want to master this great sport of ours.

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