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How did Tyrian beat Rob Roy in Wyfolds final 2013 at Henley?

We got asked a question by Graham Did you see that the Tyrian crew that won the Wyfolds … read more

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We got asked a question by Graham

Did you see that the Tyrian crew that won the Wyfolds (lord knows how they beat Robs…) had been training on 4xRPs synched together? Wonder if there’s any marketing possibilities! Rob Roy beaten by Tyrian users of Rowperfects

Also see this video of them from nearer the finish.

Our answer

Yes UL Tyrian have given us all their training videos (Chris George is their coach and he loves RP).

They beat Robs in 2 ways

  1. Robs had a bad steering / minor crab-type bad stroke around the quarter mile and lost 3/4 of a length…. struggled to get their rhythm back
  2. Then in the last 500m UL took up the rate and were really well synchronised [look at their legs going down together in the second video above] and blasting the power together and Robs looked ragged and were at a lower rate and couldn’t close the gap
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2 thoughts on “How did Tyrian beat Rob Roy in Wyfolds final 2013 at Henley?

  1. Robs were the faster crew – they just had bad steering – hit the booms at half way, losing 2 lengths easy. To come back into contention from that was impressive. After watching Tyrian on those rowperfects, I wasn’t impressed – the two closest had their sequencing all out.

  2. Perusal of the video shows that this is not the case. Sure they were the faster crew – no question of that but they went from half a length up to half a length down and it was a crab not a clash with the booms. Why a crab? Could it be that for the first time they were seriously pressurised by our 16 strokes push up to the barrier when they expected to be going away? Who knows? But stronger though they were ( I am told the two man is near or under 6 mins and not one of my lads is under or on 6 .20) the name of the rowing game is to avoid catching crabs and in coxless fours steering is part of the race! The reason we train on RPs for our lactic tolerance work is to do those sorts of hard hard session (16 x 90 secs rates 36 to 46) is to get the physiology without ruining the boat work and every stroke is stored on the data capture. The sequencing in the boat was not out on the run it to the line. I will leave it to you to judge the opposition sequencing… I have no hesitation in publishing my name – it is a pity you have not done the same given the tenor of your remarks

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