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RowingChat in July with Duncan Holland

Duncan Holland – Interviewee on RowingChat Duncan Holland is this month’s RowingChat guest for the 22nd of July … read more

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Duncan Holland - Interviewee on RowingChat Duncan Holland – Interviewee on RowingChat

Duncan Holland is this month’s RowingChat guest for the 22nd of July and comes from over 30 years of experience and expertise in the world of rowing.

Duncan joined the competitive rowing scene at a young age, making it all the way to the Olympics. This led him to a strong coaching career, guiding many outstanding teams in various world championships. Yet another coach dedicated to improving speed on the water, Duncan takes an approach to rowing that makes sure each rower has a good time while also improving their skills and enjoyment in the sport of rowing.

To join us for this RowingChat reserve your FREE ticket HERE or check out RowingChat itself on its RowingChat webpage.

We’re excited to continue bringing world class rowers and coaches to you so make the most of it.  Get your questions in and get talking. For some, it has been the chance of a lifetime.

RowingChat: bringing you some of the best coaches and athletes from the world of rowing

RowingChat is a live and interactive online webinar where viewers get to hear interviews with some of the greatest figures in rowing while text chatting with them directly.
Ask questions straight to our guests using the text chat service during the session or send your questions in beforehand when you sign up.
Get training tips, listen to rowing stories, and start improving yourself as a rower and a rowing coach through RowingChat.


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