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Get the Coxmate Bundle for Cornish Gigs!

The Cornish Gig season is here Stay ahead of the crowd by adopting innovative rowing technologies. Although audio amplification … read more

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The Cornish Gig season is here

Stay ahead of the crowd by adopting innovative rowing technologies. Although audio amplification for Gigs isn’t traditional, we are moving into a digital age and these are the tools that’ll give you a great advantage on the water.

Coxmate is the rowing electronics company that has led the change to GPS and salt water-resistant amplification. Just in time for the Cornish Gig season, Rowperfect now offer a bundle package to help teams willing to embrace new methods to encourage efficient, streamlined rowing.

The bundle package includes:

  • Coxmate GPS – This measures speed, time, distance, stroke rate per minute and using Google Maps, route-mapping to ensure you stay on track.
  • Coxmate Audio – A low-cost, waterproof solution for voice amplification in the boat so you don’t have to shout instructions. (Remember you can’t use this when racing.)
  • Two Loudspeaker System – For use with the Coxmate Audio, you’ll need speakers so you can hear.
  • OarRATER – This stroke rate stopwatch manually takes ratings and times your work pieces to keep track of your progress and improvement.


Click here to read a review of the OarRATER ratings stopwatch.

See what experienced Australian coxswain Sarah Ben-David thought about

using the Coxmate Audio GPS units together.

About the Cornish Gig bundle

This is a package deal specifically designed for Cornish Gigs.

We have bundled the Coxmate Audio + Fours 2 Speaker Loom System with the Coxmate GPS and the OarRATER Stopwatch to provide you with a one-stop rowing analysis solution!

Individually, they are great, but together, you have the best you need to get the most out of your rowing!


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