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Jeannine Gmelin – Change to the Extreme

The 2019 MIRABAUD Baselhead has two entries where we find the Creme de la Creme of European rowers. … read more

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The 2019 MIRABAUD Baselhead has two entries where we find the Creme de la Creme of European rowers. 16  athletes, 8 women and 8 men are rowing in a composite team calledEuropeanEight – single scullers are changing the oars and go rowing.

Jeannine Gmelin, Crew captain of the women’s eight told the organizers what it means when a single sculler changes the oar. Rowperfect posts parts of it……

Change to the Extreme

Baselhead: What kind of expectations do you have? It is the first time you ladies are rowing together?


We would like to have fun at the first place. We are used to smal sculling boats and off course it will be a change for us sitting in an eight. I hope we will enjoy the speed of this boat – we all have a very competitive mind and are highly motivated to achieve a good result.

Baselhead: Is there a big difference rowing in a single scull or an eight?


It is a change to the extreme. From the slowest to the fastest boat, from individual rowing to team rowing. And from sculling to rowing (from one oar to two oars)

Top rower from Switzerland: credit:

Baselhead: We hear you are preparing well for the 2020 Olympics. The  Mirabeau BaselHead Regatta –  a soothing change?


The Baselhead- in particular rowing the eight is very special. I am sitting in a boat with athletes I am usually competing with. We feel connected and it will be great for us to enjoy this atmosphere.

New record?

Baselhead: Last year, the British National Team was setting a speed record. Do you think your crew will beat this record?


We will accept this challenge to undercut the record. Lets not forget, that the British women’s crew is a top Team with great racing experience and we are a composite of rowers, never been in a training together. In this respect this is obviously a great challenge……….

Like to see more information about the race: Look here:  2019 Mirabaud Baselhead

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