Calling all masters rowers – get expert advice

I am getting very excited about next week’s RowingChat with Marlene Royle.  She’s an expert coach rowingchat_marlene_roylespecialising in masters athletes.  I just spent an hour editing the questions which have already been submitted by folks who have signed up for the live webinar.

These include

  • What training intensities should older athletes use
  • How to compensate or manage lack of flexibility
  • Can you do rowing training through the menopause
  • Is weight lifting a good way to gain strength for masters rowers?

Would you like to add your own question?

When you sign up for Rowing chat you can submit a question for Marlene.

Whether you are free at the live RowingChat time or not, we send you a recording in MP3 and MP4 format so you can listen again, save and keep forever!

Please share this with your club mates so they can benefit too.

2 thoughts on “Calling all masters rowers – get expert advice

  1. Melissa Thompson says:

    Masters rowers and adaptive rowers have benefited more from using Hyndsight Vision Systems CRUZ camera and monitor system than other rowers. the number 1 and 3 finishers at the Head of the Charles grandmasters championship both had CRUZ and the second place finisher when out and bought one immediately after. The lack of flexibility particularly in the neck can create serious safety issues when rowing. This is exactly why this product was developed. As a 61 year old sculler myself I can turn to my left but not my right. I would collide with buoys I even knew were there on my familiar body of water and rowing on unfamiliar waterways was even worse and affected my ability to enjoy rowing. Mirrors never cut if for me and gave me vertigo! Hyndsight CRUZ gives me peace of mind because I know now where I am in going and IF in doubt can turn and look or even stop and not ruin my day or my boat!

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