Rio Olympic Rowing Tickets ‘not on sale’

Rowing fans left ticketless as Rio Olympic organising committee cost cutting bites.Rio Olympic logo

If you have been trying to buy tickets to watch the Olympic regatta you will probably have failed.  They are apparently not on sale.

There are very few tickets to watch the rowing.

And so Rowperfect started to ask some questions from people at the top of the sport.

Rio rowing tickets have become a real problem – the cost cutting by the Rio Olympic committee has included the temporary grandstand at the course – it will now not be added on to.

We have no tickets – literally

We are oversubscribed even for our major sponsors / board / donors etc

Really sorry 

National Rowing Federation director

And this one from another National Federation

I think the decision to cut the size of the grandstand at Rio was taken quite some time ago. I’m not sure if it’s been cut further but I wouldn’t be surprised given the financial difficulties that have been reported. There is a general lack of tickets and even the FISA F&F stand was oversubscribed.

Tell us your experience

Did you try to buy tickets for the Olympic Rowing Regatta?  Tell us the date you bought and which website(s) you bought from and which country allocation you were applying for.

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