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Dear customers, thank you for being loyal to Rowperfect. Unfortunately we closed our shop, we can't accept any new orders.
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Training for Athletes: Indoor sessions

Indoor sessions

We are working on our chatting area. Visit us soon. In the meanwhile we have creates indoor sessions for rowers to stay fit in unpredictable times.


Lats and abs: technical workout focusing on activating the lats and abs whilst rowing to keep a ‘connected’ stroke from catch to finish and to help maximise the leg drive.

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“Just a quick note to say how much I get out of the Rowperfect site and RowingChats .I get more info from Rowperfect than I do from National body which says one of two things …National body bit slack or Rowperfect is pretty good (i prefer this one myself!). My goal this year is to try to convince club to get Rowperfect ergo’s hoping.”

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