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Get free funding for your rowing club

At GoRaise, our mission is to help you raise more money for your Rowing Club, with minimum effort … read more

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At GoRaise, our mission is to help you raise more money for your Rowing Club, with minimum effort AND without costing you a penny. Simply by asking your members and other supporters to make their everyday online purchases via GoRaise, you could easily raise £1,000s every year.

The technology is simple but powerful: Every time your members buy something online via GoRaise, the retailer makes a donation to your club, anything up to 15% of the purchase price!

How does it work for your club?

GoRaise is really easy for you to use as a club. You’ll get a branded microsite that you can share with the world to encourage other supporters to join in.

You’ll also get a simple dashboard so you can see what has been raised, by which supporters and from which retailers.

There is absolutely no fee for you to register with GoRaise, or for your microsite or dashboard. It’s all completely free. The amount you raise depends on the number of supporters shopping and the types of purchases they make, as some retailers give a bigger percentage than others.

Getting started will only take a minute – simply head to : (It should take less than 30 seconds to register)

This will open your account and give you access to marketing tools and support to help you raise as much money as possible!

How does it work for supporters?

  1. Go to and search for your Rowing Club (Add them if they aren’t registered)
  2. Click ‘Join and support’ to register as a supporter of your club
  3. When you want to shop online, just search for a product or retailer on
  4. You will be linked through to the retailer’s site to shop as you normally would
  5. The retailer makes a donation to your account as soon as a purchase is made

*You can choose from over 2,500 well known UK retailers including: M&S, Argos, eBay, Debenhams, thetrainline and Currys.

Paula Donnelly

Community Manager


If you have any questions call me on 07745146877, or email


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