Book Review: The Mind’s Eye by James C. Joy

The Minds Eye book, Jimmy joy, rowing psychology

The Mind’s Eye: The Evolution of the Athletes’ Skills and Consciousness

The Mind’s Eye describes a successful method in the implementation of a mental training program for rowers. Published in 2009 the book reveals “the core of the mental training methods used by Jimmy Joy from his time training under the master coach Bob Fitzpatrick to becoming a master coach himself.”

Jimmy Joy’s guided countless rowers at all levels using an integral approach that develops the athletes skills and his consciousness. His trainees include rowes on international and university level. His book describes Jimmy’s specific processes to develop you or your athlete’s ability to achieve Flow. Flow is the sense of effortless in an activity. The goal: to experience peak performance.

Jimmy Joy’s book is available in the Rowperfect shop – the edition is updated from the original including 50 extra pages and significant revisions from the 2009 edition.

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