ProW Seat Pad – YouTube Review

Last week’s Monday post discussed how the Citius Remex ProW seat pad is great for relieving pain in your hamstring and glute when rowing. We want to share a detailed unboxing review for you brought to you by PDP – Push it – Don’t Pull it / Indoor Rowing Classes (see more of their videos by clicking here: PDP YouTube channel).

The video was not payed for by Citius Remex so it will give you a realistic first impression of the ProW seat pad and how to use it. You’ll find it in our shop by clicking here!

Enjoy watching and please share your comments with us!

One thought on “ProW Seat Pad – YouTube Review

  1. Albert Willem Knop says:

    In the boat I never use a seat pad, but on the Concept2 it could be an option as those seats are horrible. Luckely I own a RP3 which has a much better seat. I really don’t know why C2 is using this seat still. Seats with holes are standard in boats for decades.

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