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Let’s focus on the knee

Two weeks ago we focussed on the horizontal loading of rowing and the impact on your joints and muscle groups. This week we would like to take a look on the knee, the second most frequently injured region in rowing athletes. Unlike football or running, rowing is a seated, non-weight bearing activity so we thankfully […]

Horizontal loading and Rowing – linking the gym to the boat

What’s the difference between rowing and your normal exercises in the gym? Read the following post from our partner BATLogic  about horizontal loading and rowing It would be easy to take the mountain of biomechanical data about running, walking or weightlifting and attempt to apply it to the rowing movement. However the building blocks of […]

One Thing to Teach Scullers to Do Better (Part 4)

Five Drills for Teaching/Learning the Use of the Hands in Sculling. 1. Learning to maintain the wrists “flat and neutral during the Extraction – (Square-Blade Paddling): Avoid the use of the word “drop” – It is very negative, and refers to something which happens by accident, rather than by design, eg., “drop the blade out […]

One Thing to Teach Scullers to Do Better (Part 3)

Another Concept in Sculling is the different Prime Roles of each hand:   This concept in coaching seems less known. Since both arms, and both sides of the body, have to accommodate the cross-over asymmetry, the fact is that each hand/arm has a different prime role during the drive phase and during the recovery phase. […]

One Thing to Teach Scullers to Do Better (Part 1)

My answer to a Question on Sculling Technique from Rebecca Caroe during an interview for RowingChat in the Autumn of 2017.  I have now re-edited and expanded this article – June – 2020 – (Apologies that the photos are from my international coaching era!). Q:  When watching sculling today, what’s the number one thing you […]

User testing Coxmate SX at City of Bristol RC

Coxmate SX

We used the Coxmate SX as a comparison against a mixture of NK, Home build and Cox Orbs. As the NK units gradually fail we now purchase CoxOrbs but wanted to test against Coxmate to see we are getting the most effective amplifier. First impressions: Clear display, better battery life, simple to use as a […]

Erima Teamsport 2020 – New Product Series in Our Shop (15% Discount)

We are launching a new product series in our Row Perfect Shop – the Erima Teamsport 2020 series. Take a look at the range of products by clicking here! We offer you a 15 % discount! Just send us an email and we will send you the discount code. Erima is a high-performance, service-oriented company […]

Time to Take a Break From Rowing

The rowing season 2020 was not at all what we expected. We’re all well familiar with the reasons. This pandemic has changed all our lives this year. Maybe it’s time to take a rowing break to clear our minds. For top athletes, taking a non rowing vacation is one of the best ways to expand […]