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Because the idea is inevitable

Justin Moore on his career switch to CREW by TrueRowing “Why would you do it?” That is the … read more

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Justin Moore on his career switch to CREW by TrueRowing

“Why would you do it?” That is the question people keep asking. To step away from a Division 1 Collegiate Head Coach position at Syracuse University, an annual NCAA qualifier, for a startup is most certainly the road less traveled.Crew rowing logo

Our sport is amazing. Rowing is a sport of rich tradition and change comes slowly.  Those of us who row know how fantastic it is. The sensation of swinging together with your crew on a perfect evening as the sun is setting is nearly indescribable. It has been called the “symphony of motion” and the “ultimate workout and team sport”, but these benefits require significant investment.

Barriers to equipment, a rowable body of safe water, and a ready and willing crew to connect with often prevent people from engaging with our fantastic sport. Additionally, in this time-starved world, we all know that it is far easier to toss on your shoes and get in your workout than it is to get to the boat shed, ready the equipment and hit the water. Until now.

A rowing startup

When Bruce Smith approached me about joining him in founding CREW by True Rowing, I was tremendously excited.  The reach of a digital rowing experience would eliminate many of the barriers preventing people from engaging with our sport.

Bruce said,

“We are going to bring the river home”.

Imagine being able to wake up, grab your coffee, walk into your living room, and sit down for an outstanding workout with an on-water instructor and a community  of people you look forward to training with every day! That is CREW.

When people ask me why I made the decision to leave a great coaching job, with a team on the rise, at an institution where “sports matters”, I tell them that I believe this idea is inevitable. Someone is going to create a machine and digital experience that will allow people to row in beautiful places, with great teammates, doing the best exercise on Earth. The current hunger for wellness and community in our society is colliding with a digital revolution that is bringing experiences to groups of people in an incredibly impactful way. CREW is going to create this experience and this community by providing a dynamic and authentic experience of rowers, by rowers, for….everyone!

You can find out more and sign up to be a tester of our alpha version of the app on our website –

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Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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