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World Championships Day 2

Sounds like the wind was the ‘big news’ for day 2 of the Worlds –

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Sounds like the wind was the 'big news' for day 2 of the Worlds – a strong headwind had a major impact on times for all the races.

Nice insight from Row2K correspondent

The headwind also played into racing strategy, as it seemed like many of the more experienced crews, especially in the lightweight events, were putting a little more emphasis on building a really big lead in the first 500m or so; that logic wasn't bad considering that it's not as easy to make up a deficit into a big wind, and we didn't see many crews take that gamble and fail to holdon.

USA news – W4x won their heat having raced Luzern adn come second, they report The US crew, which has three new athletes in the boat from the crew that finished 2nd in Lucerne If you're going fast enough to medal in a World Cup, why re-select before the Worlds? Overall disappointment as US M8+ and M4x crews were in fast heats and failed to qualify.

GBR has a fine article about their M2- Triggs-Hodge and Reed which opines If the British pair were comfortable in their heat, Murray and Bond were dominant in theirsSo a tough final slog. Seems Jurgen Grobler was right to stick to coaching the M4- as they seem very fast winning their heat. Elaine Johnstone struggling in LW1x at her first international regatta behind Rowperfect user, Spaniard Teresa Mars de Xaxars.

Canada seems more upbeat with news that three crews progress towards finals, the mens eight posted the fastest time of the boat class.

The Dutch put in some pushes, said Andrew Byrnes, one of only two members (the other is Malcolm Howard) of the eight from last year's gold medal Olympic boat. They are a top-quality crew that have found a lot of speed…. Buckle your seatbelts, it's going to be a tight final.

New Zealand now have 8 crews qualified for finals, the latest being LM2x Uru and Taylor – I hadn't realised they had a weed problem at the Beijing Olympics and failed to make the final.

New bloggers – from the US adaptive team, Emma Preuschl and the Aussie LM4- Darryn Purcell


thanks again to the Row2k correspondent for the funnies

Band of Brothers: the GER LM4- is the Kuehner twins and the Schoemann-Finck brothers. In addition, the Kuehners are Jochen and Martin, and the Schoemann-Fincks are Jost and Matthias. In the boat, they're all paired up by family, ie. the Kuehners in the stern, but you wonder if they sometimes switch stuff up when they row pairs?

From yesterday, here's the double tandem-tandem.

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