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World Championships Day 3

And onto another day… repecharges now and a host of adaptive events.

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And onto another day… repecharges now and a host of adaptive events.

Belatedly I lean that the FISA site has audio with the Live Race Tracker service. Sigh!

Great track-side comments from rowingvoice while watching the afternoon practice session. LOLat these three tweets

The Hacker parade (aka the GER M4x, led by their famous former wchamp) comes into the media area to do i'views with their pressofficer.

DEN LM4- unorthodoxly doing their pace work from finish to start in the warm-up lane, less likely to be timed! Cleverstickses.

Sorry, but no
idea why the GER M4x goes so fast. Just saw them sprint-practice past,
thumping their weight into the bows like heffalumps.

Results today include a race for lanes [when there are fewer than six entries] for W4- which was won by Netherlands

the British LM1x Adam Freeman-Pask was wopped into second place by newcomer from Iran, Mohsen SHADI NAGHADEH.

M2x repecharge Swiss crew of Andre Vonarburg and Florian Stoffer won their race (Vonarburg was in the Great8)

New Zealands U23 M4 – got through their repecharge – a tough call. I remember 2001 when the GB team did a similar doubling up and their crew raced 4+ coxed which is less competitive than coxless as it's not an Olympic class event. That crew got a bronze medal. Where are they now?


A nice gallery of australians ….. there must be a collective noun for that… suggestions?

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