Working out on a rowing machine – Few mistakes to avoid

Are you someone who is not sure about how to work on a rowing machine? If you don’t want to look like a fish that is out of water, you have to know the best ways in which you have to use this machine, which is officially called ergometer. If you thought you would not use the machine due to the fact that you don’t know how to use it, that would make you crazy. Did you know that rowing helps burning 800 calories in an hour and it is effective in helping your whole body workout from the top to bottom? Hamstrings, quads, abdominals, back, arms, calves and shoulders are all used up while doing the rowing stroke.

Rowing’s effectiveness and efficiency and the machine’s reputation for being low-impact workout machine for all body types and for all ages, has helped it gain enough momentum in gyms and even in households in the US.

Mistakes to avoid while using a rowing machine

Mistake #1: Not checking the setting of the damper

There are lots of novices who sit down on the machine without adjusting the setting of the damper. In many cases the lever is on a high setting; the machine will make you feel like you’re working out on a heavy rowboat. Most Olympic rowers use setting 4-6 on the damper for Concept2 rowers. So, if you don’t get the settings right, this will rapidly tire out your body.

Mistake #2: Rowing using only your arms

You have also seen rowers with hugely-built upper bodies and they are always comfortable with handling the machine using muscle strength in their arms. However, you should also note that exerting too much pressure on your shoulders, arms and back can lead to serious injury to the entire body. So, around 60% of the power should be produced through your legs, 20% from pulling arms and 20% from bracing the core.

Mistake #3: Mixing the order in which your muscles are used

Firing the legs and arms at the same time might feel great but it’s very poor technique for rowing.  Experts suggest that you should focus on pushing the legs first and then swing your back and lastly pull your arms into your chest. As you return to full compression, your hands are pulled away from your chest, reverse the order to get back the starting position. Keep repeating.

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