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More benefits of rowing

Four benefits of rowing Rowing as a sport is not hugely popular in the world. Even though its … read more

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Four benefits of rowing

Rowing as a sport is not hugely popular in the world. Even though its origins reach back to Ancient Egyptian times, many have only a vague idea about it.

However, fans of this sport are extremely passionate about rowing, and they often experience it by availing

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1- Concentration

You require a great deal of concentration to excel in this sport. You can’t let your mind wander about your office problems or family issues.

You have to row with a single-minded focus and the slightest lapse in concentration will affect your efficiency.

Rowing teaches you to control yourself and concentrate all your energies in the service of a single task. It also relaxes your mind and offers you an escape from all the daily problems of life.

2- Health and Physical Fitness


is more just picking up oars and propel your boat with it. It is a physically demanding activity, and if you want to do well in this sport, then you have to devote a good amount of your time and effort. You need to develop a great deal of strength and stamina to be a good rower.

Initially, you will find it very painful, but you will find it worth all your efforts in the end. You learn to push your mental limits and achieve something that you initially thought impossible.

Devoting your time and energy on rowing this way will keep you healthy and physically fit. It uses every part of your body, with even your toes and fingers getting the necessary exercise.

3- Rowing is Beautiful


is beautiful for so many reasons. You get to experience the beautiful scenery of a flat lake at sunrise. You get to enjoy the peace and calm of a natural place where you only hear the sounds of water and birds. You get to see the fog rising off the water in the early morning.

4- Make good friends

You can expect to make really good friends if you join a club team or a rowing team. This is because you would be spending a lot of time with your teammates and coaches.

You all strive towards a common goal and you all put your best efforts. So by the end of the season, you can expect to become very close friends with many of them.


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