Want to win yourself a free Coxmate? Here’s how


Remember we announce a winner each month in our free prize draw?  Well next month is a biggie to end the year.  We have a Coxmate SRT (coxed boats) or a Coxmate HC (coxless boats) to give away.

Following our advert in UK Rowing and Regatta Magazine we confirm that the January prize draw will be for a superb Coxmate – either the SRT cox amplifier or the coxless boat HC speed measurement unit.

Why are we doing this?  Well we are sure that Coxmate Users like:

Can’t be wrong about how important a Coxmate is to rowing.  So why not join them?  Coxmate’s basic model is the SRT which compares to an NK Cox Box and the top-fo-the-range SX has a GPS and software for speed measurement.

Coxmate weighs less, costs less, has more battery and remains fully compatible with NK. wiring speaker looms.  Read details about Coxmate products.


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