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Who’s trying out Coxmate?

Currently we have Coxmate units out on trial with a wide range of clubs, schools and a university

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Currently we have Coxmate units out on trial with a wide range of clubs, schools and a university. Anyone who would like to try a Coxmate for themselves, please get in touch.

Bristol University Boat Club (coming back after the HORR). They chose the GPS and SCT unit to test. Simon Wilson is our contact there.

St Paul's School BC – trying an SCT with Impeller for an 8 thanks to Ben Reed who we met at the ARA coaching conference.

St Edwards School BC – trying an SCT with impeller for an 8. Alistair Stuart has led this since he used the SCT when he worked at Eton College with Alex Henshilwood.

Dennis O'Neill, coach for Agecroft RC, is testing the SCT with the software. He just sent me their first race saved onto a pdf and I've asked his permission to publish it here for you to read.

Stuart Andrews, coach for Evesham RC who we also met at the ARA coaching conference has the SCT, impeller and software on trial.

We are also selling quite a few wiring looms to clubs buying Swift boats. At present they don't come with speaker looms – but these are reasonably easy to fit yourself. We provide the full kit, and suggestions on how you can maintain your sealed waterproof compartments using sealing gromits.

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