How to set up Dreher Apex R (round) sculls

We had a question from Charlie Fisher who has just bought some second hand Apex R Sculls

I realise that this is a bit outside your remit but I have just bought a 2nd hand set of Apex-R sculls and was wondering if you had any guidance available for their set up. I am currently using CII smoothies and was wondering whether the inboard, outboard, overall length and span should be changed from the stock CII setting to take best advantage of the Dreher's characteristics.

Many thanks. Charlie Fisher

This is exactly why we have customer support to help people like you.  We are always delighted to help out in this way.

Can you write a reply saying what your current boat span is, your height, weight and age

Then we'll be able to give you the best possible advice.

Grant Craies

Background – here is a photo of the Apex R scull [taken next to a cloud!].  More information in the Dreher brochure Demo sculls are available if you want to try them for yourself.

Apex R Scull

 Dreher Apex R Scull Spoon

2 thoughts on “How to set up Dreher Apex R (round) sculls

  1. Charlie says:


    I am currently using C2 smoothies (Span 160cm, Blade Length 290cm, Inboard 88.5cm – all very stock).
    I am 193cm tall (6’4″) and weigh 84kg (13 stone 4).

    I have just bought some 2nd hand Apex R’s and am looking for guidance on the changes i will need to make to boat span and blade gearing to get the most from my new sculls (i.e. should i reduce span to increase angle at the catch, reduce outboard to counteract the effect of increasing blade area etc).

    Many thanks.

  2. Coleen Dreher says:

    Regarding the answer to the question. It is hard to answer unless I knew the person’s sculling style, skill level, and physiology.

    We tend to recommend an up tempo style. It is very important to keep the vertical speed of entry quick so less angle is lost from the maximum catch angle and the true catch angle as defined when the blade is completely buried.

    A 160 cm spread is still fine, with a total scull length of between 284 to 286 cm in the single. To get more length at the catch one could go through the pin more and/or shorten the inboard.

    I am sorry I could not get to this earlier. It was a very busy Monday.


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