What to pack for a rowing training camp

Here’s a quick check list for you to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything for your training camp

For Athletes

  • Kit – how much to take?  Allow three complete changes of clothing per day and one day to dry it out if raining therefore 6 row suits/shorts/tees/leggings
  • Socks – as many as you have.  Wet socks are dire.
  • Running shoes – for erging or cross training.
  • Hats – woolly and a cap or two
  • Rowing Gloves if you think you’ll need them
  • Wet weather outer wear (some of us can’t bear splash tops for rowing)
  • Daily Rowing Training Diary for you to record your training and wellbeing (download from link).
  • Tools – spanners are essential
  • Reading material – find a nice rowing book….or an e book
  • Mat for stretching / sleeping in the airport / emergency after hours action
  • Music, games, videos

For Coxswains

  • At least 3 changes of clothes and two waterproof jackets.
  • Tools – include adjustable spanner, tape measure and screw driver
  • Spare batteries for everything (speed coaches, cox box)
  • Inspirational reading matter – here’s a list of some good resources for coxswains

For Coaches

Now, what have we forgotten?

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