Resources for Coxes


You’re a cox – here are all the tools you need to become better at what you do.


We have a whole section devoted to coxswains on our shop, strictly aimed toward helping you improve your game. Below are a some featured items.



  • Coxswain Top Tips – Free email series by coach and coxswain Andy Probert, brought to you by Coxmate.  A perfect technique refresher course, just put in your email address.
  • Balance by Jim Flood – ebook.  Jim Flood is a coach for International Olympic Committee Coach Development Programme as well as Reading Rowing Club. He writes about what it takes to balance a boat.
  • Good Coxswain Guide – Free log book. Use the Good Coxswain Guide Logbook to discuss your skills with your coach and crew and to monitor your progress improving your coxing skills.

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