UK testers needed for new rowing oar design


It’s always exciting to see new products for rowing and sculling come to market.  But it’s rare for us to get involved in early user testing at the prototype stage of a new rowing oar design.

rowing oar, engineer oar, Oar engineering diagram. Image credit: British Journal of Sports Medicine

We were delighted that the team at Oscar Propulsion got in touch to ask the Rowperfect community to help out.

Can you help a new rowing product with user feedback?

I saw your website which spoke of sourcing rowing coaches; I am writing to tell you of our need.

We are a company who have developed an oar which delivers 2% or more power to the water for the same effort by the oarsman. The oar was tested at Leander in October last year and the oarsman and his coach both stated that the oar definitely delivered more power and allowed the oarsman to hold on to the stroke for longer.

We have since carried out some modifications and now need to run some timed on-water trials to provide comparative data between our oars and unmodified oars. We have an oarsman prepared to carry out the trials but need a coach to supervise him and provide independent verification.

We are happy to pay for the coach’s time and expenses. There is likely to be an ongoing need for their services.

If you can think of anyone who might be able to help with this that would be most welcome.

Kind regards

David Taylor, CEO


Are you a rowing coach who can help out?

In the comments below please write your name, club name and the stretch of water where you have a measured distance which can do on-water trials.  We will forward your contact information to the Oscar Propulsion team and they will get in touch.

Note this ONLY applies to United Kingdom based athletes and coaches.


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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Mike King

    I’m sure we’d be able to help out. I currently row in a quad at Peterborough City Rowing club. We train on a measured 1km lake most days, and have quite a lot of benchmark data available in singles etc.
    Many Thanks,
    Mike King

  2. Colin Williamson

    Colin Williamson. Edinburgh University. Strathclyde Park

  3. Leon Redman

    Name: Leon Redman. Rowing club: Henley Rowing Club. Junior girls head coach. Stretch of water: Henley on thames

  4. ron boi

    Is there a web site to study the new idea? Thanks, Ron

    1. Rebecca Caroe

      Ron, no they don’t seem to have one at this time. But be sure to stay on the Rowperfect newsletter list because I’m sure we will be doing the publicity for Oscar.

  5. paul keane

    Hi Rebecca,

    With 576 Juniors and 120 Adults rowing with us, I am sure we can offer the variables you require. Based on the Tideway, but happen to test at another venue.
    Team Keane Sculling School.
    Paul Keane

  6. Ben Hamilton-Rhys

    Hi Rebecca! Im Ben Hamilton-Rhys, rower and social sec The London Otters RC. We’d be more than happy to help out and take them for a test drive.

  7. David Taylor

    Hello Mike, Colin and Leon

    Thank you all so much for your prompt replies. We are based in Sussex so I will follow up with Mike and Leon first, but we will keep you as a possible Colin. I was in Glasgow yesterday for another matter so Edinburgh is not impossible, just a little far for now.

    Mike and Leon: I will email you shortly and hopefully we can have a chat about our requirements.

    Best wishes

  8. David Taylor

    Paul, Ben, Ron

    Thank you for your responses.

    I will email you all individually shortly.

    Kind regards

    David Taylor
    Oscar Propulsion

  9. Bob Sawicki

    I will me more them happy to try them with one of the High school Programs in Detroit, Michigan USA. I have over 30+ years Coaching experience

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