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Where would I find the best Rowing Camp for my needs?

Let us help you to find a great rowing camp and technical clinic which suits your needs. Rowperfect is expert at finding camps suitable for you, your whole crew or your kids. Our rowing camps list is curated to meet high quality criteria including having skilled coaches on site.

Why go on rowing camp?

Many of the large professionally run rowing clubs organise their own camps just for their own member athletes.  They travel abroad disappearing for days, just to improve their rowing technique, select crews and build fitness for the racing season.  Masters frequently also go on camp with the objective of trying to improve their rowing technique or preparing for their next big regatta. There are also specialist camps for novices and beginners who seek coaching to get themselves started in the sport.  Many parents send their children to rowing camp so they can get a week of holiday fun with similar aged children and also to help them improve before the next school year and get a chance of selection for top Schools and First Eight racing crews.

Europe is a great place for rowing camps and run by professional rowing camp companies.

Just to be clear here, we’re talking about paid professional rowing coaching in a camp environment. Experienced coaches have often been successful rowers before they started teaching others.  Sure – not every good rower becomes a good coach, and not every good coach was a world champion – but still it important that the coach you choose for your camp has racing experience and s/he knows what they are talking about.

Upcoming Rowing Camps

Rowperfect maintains a list of different rowing camps, different organisers and different camp focus concepts. All camps include professional rowing coaching, all camps provide high quality boats; all camps have an outstanding reputation. Rowperfect visits many of these camp organisers and camp locations and has researched them for you.

Remember: We also list rowing vacations and rowing tours on our Tour Operators and Camps page – Organisers can send us their dates and we will publish them free for 4 weeks.

Rowing Camps

Date Location Duration Experience Level & Focus Contact
September Lago di Varese,  Italy 4 Day Camp Medium, Masters, Athletes
30th  September – 3rd October Lago di Varese,  Italy 4 Day Camp Medium, Masters, Athletes
September Avis Aqua, Portugal 4 Day Camp Medium, Masters, Athletes
30th  September – 3rd October Avis Aqua, Portugal 4 Day Camp Medium, Masters, Athletes

Reminder to all Camp Organisers:Send in your camp data. Get 4 weeks listings free on Rowperfect.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Get in touch and we will research options for your needs.


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