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Tips and Tricks for Lightweight Rowers

New eBook in our shop Over the years Rowperfect UK have written blog posts for and taken interviews … read more

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2015-04-08_0103New eBook in our shop

Over the years Rowperfect UK have written blog posts for and taken interviews with rowing lightweights sharing tips and tricks for rowing. We have put together all the content into an eBook, which gives one easy place where lightweight rowers all over the world can read about the world and life of lightweight rowing.

The hard life as a Lightweight Rower

The life as a lightweight rower is hard. Imagine your self pushing your body to a physical limit hours a day everyday….this is the world of rowing. But imagine yourself doing the same thing without drinking or eating for up to 48 hours….this, all too often, is the world of rowing lightweight.

Lightweight rowing is a life of constantly planning, plan what to eat, what not to eat, when to train etc. Sometimes a lightweight rower need to plan their training and nutrition months before a upcoming event. And imagine the time that is required to lose weight, that also need amounts of planning.

Today far too many lightweight women who are currently rowing lightweight are above a pre-season cutoff weight that should exist for lightweights. They play dangerous mind games in their relationships with their bodies and the food they eat (or don’t eat!) This can be really dangerous and could lead to permanent damage to their healt.

To avoid this, we put together all the content we have about lightweight rowing into this eBook. We would like to alert everyone about the topic and give you all the best tips and tricks on how to succeed as a lightweight rower without any danger involved. 

In the eBook you’ll find information on:

  • Becoming a lightweight
  • Joy Skipper – Nutritional Therapist shares her knowledge and expertice 
  • A lightweight rower writes a journal about the life as a lightweight rower.
  • Why lightweight rowing can be dangerous 
  • Dieting – you get a food diary written by a lightweight rower and a story when lightweight rowers’ eating really can go wrong
  • Nutrition
  • Coaching advice

If you like to get advice or a nutrition plan of your own, you can go to our shop and buy Joy Skipper’s (Nutritional Therapist) service.


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