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British Rowing Club sponsorship offer

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2018.  This programme is discontinued. Rowperfect has been supporting British rowing clubs for years with its … read more

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UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2018.  This programme is discontinued.

Rowperfect has been supporting British rowing clubs for years with its club

English: Photograph of F. J. Furnivall coxing ...
F. J. Furnivall coxing the girls of the Hammersmith Sculling Club in 1907 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sponsorship programme This is your chance to get your club onto the list – read on…

What is the Rowing Club Sponsorship Programme?

Rowing clubs buy equipment, run regattas and teach rowing and sculling.  Rowperfect supports these efforts in three ways

  1. We sell rowing equipment at a discount to sponsored clubs
  2. We pay to sponsor regattas and head races run by the club
  3. We publish free information on how to teach rowing and sculling and how to learn to coach sport

British clubs are our lifeblood – without you we wouldn’t have a business.  We know how hard it is to organise, run and finance a community sports club and we want to be supportive and also beneficial for you.

What does my club have to do?

The ‘deal’ is this:

  1. your website displays our logo and links to our home page.
  2. we give you an unique discount code worth 5% off anything in our shop
  3. any club member gets the discount for personal or club use
  4. it lasts a year
  5. if you have a regatta, get the organising team in touch with us about financial support and prizes for winning crew coaches

What are you waiting for?

Club Sponsorships have been shared with Aberdeen, Leicester Rowing Club, Tideway Scullers School, Weybridge Rowing Club, Leeds Rowing Club, Oundle Town Rowing Club, Rob Roy Rowing Club.

Recently we’ve also signed up Leeds University RC, Bradford RC and Exeter Rowing Club.

Ask any of them if you want a reference.

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Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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