Swim tests for adaptive rowers

Do you require swim tests for adaptive rowers. If so would people be willing to share their criteria
I will defer to Tara Morgan who coaches at Seize the Oar in Seattle to answer.

Tara writes:

Here’s our policy on Swim Tests:

Athletes are always first treated as every other rower in our boathouse and asked to do a standard float test (9′ treading water, 1′ to put on a PFD unassisted). If that’s not possible, we move to a deep water float test (10′ treading water while wearing a PFD) to show what I call Water Confidence.
If neither are an option, they must wear a PFD on board as well as have pontoons.*
The Float Test is something we ask them to renew yearly, mostly to keep on top of any changes and the water confidence piece.
For some adaptive athletes it actually becomes a great GOAL to pass the standard Float Test, especially if they are new to their injury and still rehabbing over what could be months and years.
*Note that pontoons are required of all our TA and AS rowers regardless of swim ability/water confidence.

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