Para Rowing and Adaptive Rowing Coaching Resources

Para Rowing

Hi, I am a beginner and struggle to find any club that will have me. I am in one disabled group but we are not competitive at all, which means there is little motivation. And another is still considering if I can stay and not pose a ‘risk’ of accidents.

Where can I find information to advance my rowing online?

Para Rowing
Para Rowing

This has been a great challenge because we have found nowhere online which helps and aggregates information for para rowing.  [It doesn’t help that the term has been changed from disabled to adaptive to para-rowing in the past dozen years!]

So Rowperfect has taken on the challenge.

Resources for Para Rowing

Anyone got more I can list here? I particularly want online resources, tools, instructional guides rather than local clubs with programs (though feel free to list them in the comments below).

Adaptive Rowing silhouette Photo Credit: WorldRowing
Adaptive Rowing silhouette Photo Credit: WorldRowing

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    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Caroline – thanks for the link. Could you add the Rowperfect page to yours so that people can read the other resources available?

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