Strength Coach Roundtable Recap: #3, Injury Prevention

In this episode, we discuss strength training for the purpose of preventing rowing injuries. What can we do in the gym as rowers, coaches, and strength coaches to help athletes stay healthy?

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0:30 — A few examples of injuries we see in rowers and how strength training can help prevent them.

General Injury Prevention Tips

Low Back Pain in Rowers

Rib Stress Fractures

Snapping Hip Syndrome

7:00 — Overtraining and the importance of rest

All About Overtraining

14:15 — How can rowers and strength coaches prevent injuries from happening in the weight-room or as a result of strength training?

Effective Circuit Training for Team Sports

17:40 — Misconceptions about strength training

19:45 — Don’t do THESE exercises!

Instead of the bench pull, try the batwing row

27:05 — Blake’s back injury, what he learned, what he does now to prevent it in other rowers

How can coaches monitor their athletes to prevent injuries?

Low back pain red flags

Is it possible to be competitive and remain injury free in the sport of rowing?

Anti-rotation holds: The Pallof Press

Mobility for Rowers, the Thoracic Spine

Returning to Sport for the Injured Athlete

40:38 — Reader question regarding sciatic nerve pain

46:00 — Injury prevention considerations for youth and masters rowers

How to Hip Hinge

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