Strength Coach Roundtable Podcast Recap

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the first-ever Rowperfect Strength Coach Roundtable!

We hope to make this a more regular event so we can really get into detail with some of the topics we discussed today. If you liked this, be sure to give us a review on Itunes or drop us a comment here or on Youtube with any topic suggestions for future podcasts.

Will Ruth: BS Kinesiology, NSCA-CSCS, USA-Weightlifting L1, US-Rowing L2. Western Washington University men’s strength coach. Author of “Rowing Stronger” and

Blake Gourley: MS Sports Performance Training, NASM-CPT, PES, CES, FMS, CFSC, SFMA, FRCms (no, we’re not joking about all those). Los Gatos Rowing Club Performance Director, Santa Clara men’s strength coach, co-owner Movement Evolution Performance Training,

Joe Deleo: NSCA-CSCS, FMS, Rocktape FMTII, StrongFirst L1,

But, as Blake said, “all the letters really just mean you’re really nerdy and spend a lot of time and money on this stuff.” We’re all also former rowers and currently coach rowers at the junior, collegiate, and masters level.

We all three wrote an article series for rowing injury prevention here on Rowperfect UK. In case you missed it:

Then, the podcast. Each of the questions is a clickable hyperlink that will take you to that time point in the Youtube video. Check out the hyperlinks below that question for more information from one of our websites.

Warming up

5:41 What does an ideal warm-up look like for rowers?

8:19 Dynamic vs. Static Stretching: How, When, and Why?

12:54 Common mistakes of warming up

14:20 Bodyweight circuits to warm up?

Strength Training and Injury Prevention

16:20 Where should rowers begin with strength training, and how to determine their starting point?

20:25 What are your top exercises for increasing rowing performance?

24:06 What does a year of strength training look like in your setting with regard to in-season training, tapering/peaking, and off-season training?

31:58 What are some common technical errors in the gym that coaches should be aware of when training rowers?

37:10 How do you teach breathing to rowers?

Nutrition and Hydration

43:07 How do you approach nutrition for rowing performance?

44:16 Specific Advice for Junior Rowers

46:20: Pre/Post Practice Nutrition

50:40 Race day nutrition

53:10: Hydration for Rowers


56:19 What recovery methods do you use and why?

Sleep’s effect on free throw performance

Miscellaneous Exercises and Links

KB Deadlift

Single Leg Deadlift

How to Do the Turkish Get Up (Tutorial), Part 1 and Part 2

Turkish Get Up Demo

Kettlebell Snatch Test



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