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Strength Coach Roundtable #5: Performance Psych for Rowing

Performance Psych for Rowing

The Strength Coach Roundtable hosted a monster of a podcast about performance psych for rowing as we went nearly 90 minutes straight and all felt like we still had more to talk about. Will, Blake, and Joe were joined by guest Sara Hendershot for a discussion of performance psychology in rowing and how you can use […]

Strength Coach Roundtable Podcast Recap

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the first-ever Rowperfect Strength Coach Roundtable! We all three wrote an article series for rowing injury prevention here on Rowperfect UK. In case you missed it: Blake: General Injury Prevention Tips Will: Rib Stress Fractures Joe: Low Back Pain, Part 1 Will: Snapping Hip Syndrome Joe: Low Back […]